Definitely yes! We do not treat you as our client but our partners. We make sure that you are involved from start to finish and we will help you decide along the way. We make things easy for you.
You can easily make some changes if you want to since we use WordPress to build your website. We can still be of service to you even if we have completed the project, but you have the right to move your website to a third-party service if you want to.
After the client provided us with all the content we need, we will send you the first beta within 10 business days or earlier. We were able to complete some projects in as short as 14 days, but the usual time frame in building a website is 30 days.
No! Unlike our competitors that use pre-made templates or purchase themes to lower the price, we customize every website according to the preference of our client.
This refers to the technique used in building a website that adjusts its layout to fit any kind of device. Rather than building a separate website for mobile devices, you can create one website that will run in all devices. The term responsive web design is only a classification, each company has their own interpretation and execution.
Yes, we are aware of this so make sure that all our designs are compatible with any type of device. Most of our clients see a significant increase in their traffic mobile phones. We make sure the website experience on a mobile device is the same as viewing it on a PC.
Yes, you can. You can update your website thru a web-browser whenever and where ever you are.
Of course. We fix bugs and other issues concerning your website. We will make sure your website runs the same way the day it was launched. This is one benefit our clients can take advantage of if they get a monthly plan.
If you want to make some changes to your website, you can use this free content management system software. It is an open-sourced software used by many in building their websites.
Based on our experience WordPress is the best CMS software for small businesses. But, not all WordPress websites are designed the same way. There are some low-quality pre-made themes that give WordPress a bad reputation. We use custom Framework plugin in making a website.
Yes. We offer eCommerce solutions best for smaller web stores with products below 500. We use the popular WordPress eCommerce platform known as WooCommerce. If you have a bigger store that offers more than 500 products it is best to use Magento. This tends to work best for enterprise level eCommerce.
Yes, we do along with other payment methods .
Actually, there is no limit to the number of products that you can add to your website. But since we are using WooCommerce platform we only allow 500 products and below.
Yes. Make sure you give us accurate product dimensions and weights so you can get real time shipping costs. We can get shipping rates for FedEx, USPS and UPS.

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